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Some Love From Our Customers

Yuck, I hate bugs! As soon as we moved into our new "old" home I immediately called Glen Cove Pest Control. Though the house was "broom" swept, I wanted to make sure there was nothing hiding around the corners or in the basement. Sure enough, their crew came and found cave crickets in the basement! Wow, those things are nasty, b but the exterminator was able to get rid of them quickly. Even vacuuming up after! Now I'm on a schedule so that they and other nasty things don't come back. Thank you for your amazing service. -     Tarra B, Glen Cove

This year was crazy with all the bugs in the backyard. Maybe it was the rain or maybe the growth, but for the first time in over 10 years, we weren't able to sit in our backyard without getting bitten by mosquitos. We've never called a pest control company in the past but we decided to give Glen Cove Pest Control Pros a call. We chose them because they are obviously local. The cam and sprayed the yard.... The next day we had a BBQ in the yard and it was perfect- no one got bit! WOW, fantastic service.   ---Floyd P, Glen Head

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